Board of Directors: The Sustainability Fund



"The choice is ours — we can have a century of increasing desertification and increasing scarcity of per capita resources, farmable soil and food, or we can transform the current global challenge into a situation of abundance — of enough for everyone."

—John Jeavons




John Beeby JOHN BEEBY*
Executive Committee, The Sustainability Fund; Author, Future Fertility and Test Your Soil with Plants
Calvin Bey CALVIN BEY*
Communications Coordinator, The Sustainability fund; Former USDA Strategic Planning Coordinator, and National Director of Forest Management Research
Director, Sustainable Soil Fertility International; USDA/Agricultural Research Service - University of Nebraska; Past President, Soil Science Society of America - 2001/2002; Onassis International Prize for the Environment - 1999
Joan Gussow JOAN GUSSOW*
Executive Committee, The Sustainability Fund; Former Chair and Professor Emeritus, Program in Nutrition, Columbia University Teachers College; Former Chair, Board of Directors, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
President, The Sustainability Fund; President, Ecology Action, Boise Peace Quilt Recipient, 1988; Santa Fe Living Treasure, 1989; Giraffe Award, 1989; World Food Prize Nominee, 1993 and 1995; Stewardhip of Sustainable Agriculture Award, 2001
Terence M. Kelly TERENCE M. KELLY*
Secretary-Treasurer, The Sustainability Fund; Finance Committee, The Sustainability Fund; Attorney, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
William Lacy WILLIAM B. LACY
Executive Committee, The Sustainability Fund; Vice Provost-Outreach and International Programs, University of California-Davis; Past President, Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society; Past President, Rural Sociological Society
Hugh Roberts HUGH ROBERTS*
Vice President, The Sustainability Fund; Finance Committee, The Sustainability Fund; Former Executive Director, League of International Food Education; Former Vice President, MFM/Freedom from Hunger
Former Director of the Rodale Research Farm and Former Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program at the University of California-Davis


Alice Waters ALICE WATERS, Advisor
Author and Chef, Chez Panisse
Kent Whealy KENT WHEALY, Advisor
Former Director of Seed Savers Exchange and MacArthur Fellow
  Search in Progress
Director Grain and Grass Seed Conservancy International
  Search in Progress
Two additional Public Board Members to be selected

ONE additional PUBLIC BOARD MEMBER to be selected
= Public Board Member

photo credit: © Jim Bones, 1995




The Sustainability Fund is a 509 (a)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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