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There are solutions to the challenges the world now faces…



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Currently, the world is experiencing a multitude of interconnected environmental challenges which are creating major social, economic and political consequences. Focusing on only one of these environmental problems is not a good strategy for success, as all life on Earth is part of a vast web of living systems, and what impacts one part of the web affects the whole. Focusing on any single issue – deteriorating quantities of genetic seed stock, a greatly depleted farmable soil base, insufficient regional food stocks for world populations, a greatly lessened per capita water supply, a greatly lessened forestry base —is an incomplete response to the needs of the future. When any one of these problems is addressed, all aspects of the whole must be brought into consideration.

The Sustainablity Fund brings over 2000 people-years of global expertise to these areas by providing sustainable financial support to eight major non-profit initiatives through an endowment program.


Full sustainability is the key to finding solutions to the challenges facing the Earth —insufficient access to food, environmental degradation, declining genetic diversity, vanishing forests and deteriorating communities—without these solutions becoming the new challenges. We believe that the organizations, programs, projects and people in The Sustainability Fund have the perspective, dedication and experience to initiate an effort of this magnitude. This initiative will begin to develop a sustainable foundation for soil, food and people globally.

The collaborative approaches of The Sustainability Fund will empower people globally and interactively to grow a better life for themselves and their communities through initiatives that promote equal access to creative information and resources, networking and ownership of the processes involved. Communication of multi-faceted solutions as they are developed among the communities and varied disciplines represented in these initiatives will facilitate collaborative approaches at all levels throughout the world. Creative use of Internet websites will allow all people to benefit by the information and experience of The Sustainability Fund initiatives. Each of these initiatives will continually work together to create and refine the most comprehensive solutions possible.





The Sustainability Fund is a 509 (a)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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