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Currently, there is approximately
11% of the tree biomass remaining on the planet compared to
what existed on
the Earth 10,000 years ago.
The depletion
is continuing.

Forest Trusteeship


The State of Our Forests

Forestry for the Future:
Global Reforestation

Forestry Trusteeship International
(In Development)

Forestry Trusteeship International (FTI) is a new non-profit with a purpose of halting and reversing global deforestation. Working in partnership with existing forestry programs, FTI will ensure the survival of key forest/species groups during this current period of global climatic change. The world-scope sustainable forestry concepts developed by the Forest Stewardship Council and by David Perry in Forest Ecosystems are the foundation for FTI’s practices.

FTI will act as catalyst and provide technical support for individuals, projects and programs, including model forests, globally, which will plant and maintain until maturity a totally of 600 billion additional trees over a fifty-year period. These forests will help to store vast amounts of atmospheric carbon —the pollutant most responsible for global warming.

The practice of “All-age/All-species Forest Harvesting” as codified by Rudy Becking, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Humboldt, is one of many approaches that will be explored by FTI technical staff.

sustainable forests

Additional areas to be explored will be alley cropping, forest farming, silvopasture, riparian buffers, and windbreaks as described in Agroforestry in the United States–Research and Technology Transfer Needs for the Next Millennium published by the Association for Temperate Agroforestry (Revised 4/7/00).

In the sixth year, two educational videos will be developed about this work—a PBS-TV special for the general public and a “how-to” video to facilitate the setting-up of similar organizations.

More: Background: Our Forests

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